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Best Practices
for Accessibility
in Marketing


This continuing education course
is specifically created for:

  •  Marketing and Communications Professionals
  •  Graphic Designers
  •  Content Creators


Take this online course and learn how to:

  • Make marketing and digital materials  fully accessible
  • Reach the target market of people
    with disabilities
  • Design for accessibility


By the end this training course,
you will be able to:

  • Think inclusively
  • Design for everyone
  • Demonstrate confidence in your accessible marketing choices


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$249.00 (plus applicable taxes)

(course valued at over $1779.00)






Flexible learning



1-2hrs Approximately


 A person selects colours from oversize colour charts. Gears and accessibility icons repersent accessibility design thinking.


What's different
about this continuing
education course?


This course is an introduction to the best practices to making your marketing materials accessible. There is no other online learning available like this opportunity!







  • Important accessibility definitions 

  • Overview of designing for all

  • The role of Accessibility in brand vision

  • Design principles for creating accessible marketing materials

    • Logos and wordmarks

    • Colours, typography and fonts

    • Graphics, images, infographics and illustrations

    • Alt tags and captions

    • Layout, white space and headings

  • ​Accessibility of digital media

  • Videos and podcasts

  • Role of physical environment in accessibility

  • Importance of using plain language for accessibility


Circle with text human resources

Circle with text admin teamsCircle with text marketing teamsCircle with text design teams


Circle with text content creators.



Two people are thinking about solving digital design problems.

Be part of creating an accessible and inclusive world!


People with various disabilities are placed in word bubbles at various parts of the world map.


Self-paced course. 30 day assedd to learn at your own pace.Certificate. Earn an Accessibrand Academy Certificate.


Build Accessibility Knowledge. Ideal for learners looking to upskill.Promo Codes for ten or more, email us for more details


If you require assistance signing up for this training course or have any questions regarding  accommodations, please email us:
and we will be happy to set up a call!