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You won’t see the option at our company to provide any services with accessibility as an add on like other agencies. All our services, at the core, are accessible and inclusive. Our staff and partners have all been impacted by disability in their lives. Whether they themselves have a disability or it’s been a family member or friend - we all strive for the same purpose - a design-abled future, with inclusion as the strategy, always.


We are an agency unlike any other. Accessibrand was built to showcase to the world how professionals with disabilities are incredible in every way, but work our way.


Take a look at the services below and let us know how we can help to make your company or organization a true accessible example with marketing tools that reach.


a group of phones, tablets and computers





The Brand Guides that we produce have Accessibility built in. Not only are the guides themselves accessible, they promote
accessibility-first thinking for your brand.


Text Legibility

Use large, clear fonts

All text for print must be at least 12pt in size.


Limited Brand Typefaces

Designs that use only one or two typefaces are usually easier on the eyes.


Colour Compatibility and Contrast

Choose colours carefully to ensure there is sufficient contrast between the text and the background, ensuring it is legible and easy to read. Black on

white is usually the first choice for maximum legibility.


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