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A Christmas Wish

Andrew Tutty Portrait
By: Andrew Tutty
December 22, 2021

We all know that Santa has that unique Christmas Magic that makes everything possible. So, my dear old Santa, I have a little letter here for you to read.

Dear Santa.
I’m having a difficult time writing to you. It seems more difficult each year, but I know I need to send my wish list.  The post office is running full tilt, so I know I can rest assured you’ll receive this in plenty of time.

Maybe I’ll start by telling you what I don’t want. By process of elimination, we can find me a really good present.

I don’t want a hatching robot Hatchitmal thing to take care of as I already have a cat who demands much of my time - and often during the night when she’s awake, and I am not.

More technology things are out, too! If I get one more thing that is supposed to make me more efficient, that has me multitasking to the point I’ve forgotten what the initial task was, well, no thanks.

I can’t fit all the kitchen “stuff” in my cupboards, so I don’t need that pasta maker I saw on Amazon.  Besides, I can buy pasta and save about eight hours of my life by not making it myself.

Hmm.  Socks and underwear are a no-brainer for you, hardly worth mentioning. Just know I will appreciate them, as I do every year.

Okay, wait. I think I want to amend my technology wish. There are some technology presents I would enjoy.

I would like different forms of technology used to help people. For example, I would like TV stations to use sign language so people who are Deaf can watch shows and the news. I would really like people who are blind to be able to go to the movies and be able to follow the movie plot through described video - at every movie! It would be super if people who need medical procedures could get them.

These kinds of presents would be great!

So, I think I know now what I would like for Christmas. My Christmas wish is for access.Access to new medical techniques. Access to equipment. Access to all public spaces, programs and education. Access to meaningful employment. Access to all stores and restaurants and all of the Internet, too. Access to all applications.

I know it’s a big wish, but it would help so many people in Canada and worldwide to fully participate in society. Can you work your magic, Santa?

You know who.

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