Web and Media Accessibility

Gloria Zibaei Portrait
By: Gloria Zibaei
January 23, 2023

Hands type on a keyboard with various symbols being displayed on a heads up display like plane.

Here's a checklist for designers and programmers. These are the things to think about when creating websites, webpages and PDFs.

Metadata, Search Engines and Accessibility

Gloria Zibaei Portrait
By: Gloria Zibaei
September 20, 2022

A magnifying glass marked metadata views a keyboard with a accessibility symbol in the position of the lens.


People talk about the term metadata regarding digital documents and e-books, but what is it? And what makes it so important when it comes to accessibility and search engines? Keep on reading!

A Capital Idea: Capital Letters, Acronyms, and Accessibility

Van  Thompson Portrait
By: Van Thompson
March 27, 2022

Different verisons of the National Aeronauticsand Space Administration logo using acronyms and phonetic spelling with the title Acronyms and Accessibility.

When you're reading something and come across a word entirely in capital letters, it's most likely an acronym. You might not have thought that this use of letters can become an issue for someone listening to a document.

Writing Clear Messages

Jolene MacDonald Portrait
By: Jolene MacDonald
January 4, 2022

Surface covered in books

A French philosopher named Blaise Pascal said, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” Great copywriting takes time. It is not easy, but your effort will pay off!


A Christmas Wish

Andrew Tutty Portrait
By: Andrew Tutty
December 22, 2021

A tag hangs from a christmas tree reading wish with the title My Christmas Wish beside it.

We all know that Santa has that unique Christmas Magic that makes everything possible. So, my dear old Santa, I have a little letter here for you to read.

Words Matter, What You Say Can Negatively Impact Disabled People's Lives

Andrew Tutty Portrait
By: Andrew Tutty
November 17, 2021

A variety of word magnets in a pile


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a quotation from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This description may be true for the rose, but words and their uses can be more complicated in modern times. Words matter, and how people use them can be the difference between respect and injury.


The World Wide Web at your fingertips, right? Mostly, but not for everyone.

Andrew Tutty Portrait
By: Andrew Tutty
October 22, 2021

A laptop with blue paint smear blocking the contents of the screen.

Access is easy. Get a computer, an Internet service provider, a cell phone, take a few courses, and there you have it. The World Wide Web at your fingertips, right? Well, most people might think so, but not everyone.

An Interview with Jolene MacDonald - The Origins of Accessibrand

Van  Thompson Portrait
By: Van Thompson
September 29, 2021

Illustrations of lightbulbs behind a portrait photo of Jolene MacDonald


Jolene MacDonald founded Accessibrand in 2017. Jolene created the new, virtual accessible design, marketing and communications agency to empower professionals with disabilities and others impacted by disability.

The Importance of Human Experience in Accessibility

Van  Thompson Portrait
By: Van Thompson
August 6, 2021

laptop showing HTML code

Can an accessibility checker powered by artificial intelligence ever replace a real human auditor? Here’s why technology can’t do it alone.