So what is accessible branding?

Jolene MacDonald Portrait
By: Jolene MacDonald
May 4, 2023

What is accessible branding with an accessibility checker shown behind it.

It may be obvious to some, but our name Accessibrand actually means accessible branding. This type of branding refers to a brand identity that is inclusive by design. We put in the effort to ensure all people can experience a brand. People with various disabilities should feel welcomed by your brand.

An Interview with Jolene MacDonald - The Origins of Accessibrand

Van  Thompson Portrait
By: Van Thompson
September 29, 2021

Illustrations of lightbulbs behind a portrait photo of Jolene MacDonald


Jolene MacDonald founded Accessibrand in 2017. Jolene created the new, virtual accessible design, marketing and communications agency to empower professionals with disabilities and others impacted by disability.

Best Practices for Accessibility: Logos

Jolene MacDonald Portrait
By: Jolene MacDonald
September 24, 2021

An image of notebook paper with the Accessibrand logo


What comes to mind when you think about making your brand and business accessible for people with disabilities? Adding ramps to get in and out of your building? Braille lettering on the bathroom doors? While these are important accessible features, there are many ways your brand can be unwelcoming that you may not have even considered. For instance, did you know that your logo can be a source of accessibility concerns?


Text Tips for Accessibility

Jolene MacDonald Portrait
By: Jolene MacDonald
April 19, 2021

Woman in mask looking at laptop


Let’s look at the benefits of using image descriptions – also known as Alt tags or Alt text.