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So what is accessible branding?

Jolene MacDonald Portrait
By: Jolene MacDonald
May 4, 2023

What is accessible branding with an accessibility checker shown behind it.

It may be obvious to some, but our name Accessibrand actually means accessible branding.

This type of branding refers to a brand identity that is inclusive by design. We put in the effort to ensure all people can experience a brand. People with various disabilities should feel welcomed by your brand.

Here are some things to think about when creating your brand:

  • The logo design should ensure everyone can "see" the name, images and meaning.
  • Colour choices need contrast for people who are colour-blind.
  • Marketing messages should be clear by using plain language.
  • Digital spaces must be easy to navigate by people who are blind and use screen readers.

Accessible branding aims to make products and services more available and user-friendly for everyone. A person's disabilities should not get in the way of interacting with your brand.

Why should I make my branding accessible? What's the benefit?

Reach more people

By creating accessible branding, you can attract and retain customers from diverse backgrounds, including people with disabilities. An accessible brand will help you expand your brand's reach and increase your customer base.

Increase brand loyalty

When businesses show that they care about important societal issues such as accessibility, they are more likely to build customer trust and loyalty. By making your brand accessible, you can increase customer support and satisfaction.

Meet legal requirements

Several countries (including Canada!) have legislation that requires businesses to make their products and services accessible to people with disabilities. By creating accessible branding, companies can ensure they are following the law.

Enhance reputation

When people see that a business prioritizes accessibility, they will know that the company cares. Being accessible and inclusive can enhance your reputation and appeal to customers who value a company that cares about people.

Improve user experience

Accessible branding can make it easier for all users to find, understand and interact with a brand's products and services. You can have improved user experience and higher engagement from your target audiences. Chances are, you will also increase your sales!

Most agencies offering the same services as Accessibrand don't understand what it means to be truly accessible and inclusive. Many think it only applies to their website. It is so much more! As the saying goes, you don't hire a dentist to fix your toilet, and you shouldn't hire an agency for accessibility work if they don't understand disability. All of the people on our team have lived experience. We live daily with barriers, and we can help you avoid them as you plan for brand accessibility.

We do amazing work! It is inclusive and accessible from the start. We can save you time and money on your next project. Reach out to us to help you get started. Perhaps our introductory accessible branding audit is the best place to start! Give us a call! We can't wait to talk to you.

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